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Enjoying with all sense

Enjoy with all your senses

Creativity and tradition, innovation and rootedness, internationality and regionality - these are the perfect ingredients for culinary cuisine. Our team in the kitchen combines what seems incompatible: regional ingredients and international gourmet standards.

Our executive chef Martin is the head of our kitchen team and brings a set of skills to the table  that he aquired in some of the most renowned houses in Austria. He refines, develops, and adapts them in his very unique way and we have been continuously surprised by his sense of combining the regional with the international. You do not have to have exceptionally refined taste in dining and wining in order to appreciate the carefully selected wines in our in-house cellar, the hotel’s very own herb garden, and the unique taste fusions in our meals. But you may.

Our herb garden

Under the instructions of garden planners and herbal specialists we developed our own herb garden in 2013. It has become a cornerstone for our philosophy of hosting in which we focus on relaxation and pleasure. You might find the scents that were carried around by the morning wind in your breakfast juice or as an integarl part of your dinner. Our herbs can be savoured, ate at titbits, or smelled during a sauna session. Mountain sage, spearmint, lavender. The scents of your mountain vacation go under your skin.

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Bewusst Tirol Award

We are proud of our home and our natural environment that provides us with all we need for a healthy life. Excellent meat, healthy milk, precious pastures and herbs, and fresh springwater are just some of the most basic elements that we consume every day. Being a hotel and business in Tyrol and Austria we treasure these values and seek to mostly use regional products in order to offer our guests excellent quality and in order to strengthen our home economy.

In 2013 we were awarded with the ‘Bewusst Tirol’-label by Agricultural Marketing Tyrol. This award is their token of thanks for our continuous effort to go regional. We have received this award for the fifth time this year and pass on our gratitude to you. Day by day.

Wine cellar

Those who know how to taste do not drink wine but savour secrets.”

We have selected the most delicate secrets for our wine cellar. Since Austria and South Tyrol have such a renowened history in wine making, the focus on our wine list lies on these regions.

We have talked to many winemakers in Austria, visited their vineyards, and chose only the most distinct and best wines from these visits. Our secrets are well-kept in our in-house wine cellar which is not only used for storage but also well-suited for wine-tastings due to its remarkable architecture and old Viennese stone walls.

Apart from Austrian treasures, you will find wines from Italy, Germany, France, Australia, California, and the rest of the new world. What matters is its taste and your pleasure - as good wine makes every meal an occassion. And every day a holiday.

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