The HELD Family
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The HELD Family

Bauphase Hotel Held 1972

How it all started

The story of first-class Held hospitality begins in the same way as all good stories start: with two people finding each other and building something together that sustains and brings pleasure to those around them. Specifically, our story begins with Paula, a farm girl, and Hans, a policeman. Hans and Paula soon realised that their heart does not only beat for one another but also for the beauty of the Zillertal Alps and for high-standard hospitality. After they had accomodated guests in their private home for many years, they expanded and became a guesthouse that could offer showers and running water - a luxury at the time.

But Hans and Paula did not stop there and laid the foundation for today’s hotel in 1973 in order to make their guests’ holidays in the Zillertal even more comfortable and enjoyable. Their son Gerhard grew up in this spirit of hospitality and entrepreneurship, became a chef, and soon learned how to run a hotel from his father.

Gerhard’s wife Anni extended the Held family and added her friendliness, her humour, and her sense for the beautiful to the already remarkable way of hospitality. Gerhard and Anni carried on Hans and Paula’s story, continued to invest in their home in order to combine the best of tradition and progress in order to give their guests a unique mountain experience. While doing so, they built a family of their own and raised their daughters Lisa and Patricia with an appreciation for the beauty of their home. It is no surprise, therefore, that the two women decided to stay in the hospitality industry. Patricia is a hotel- and hospitality assistant while Lisa visited a high-school specialized in hospitality, studied tourism management and marketing in Innsbruck, and has become an integral part of the Held management.

The third chapter in our story begins with many examples that show how high-quality mountain travel fruitfully combines the traditional and the innovative. Apart from many awards for sustainability (‘Bewusst Tirol’) and unique spa vacationing (‘Relax Guide’), we are proud to have been awarded the label ‘superior’ that highlights extras beyond the standard in January 2013.

The HELD Family
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