For your safety

Security measures

In spite of or because of the current situation, we would like to make your stay with us the most beautiful with DISTANCE. We care about your health, therefore we take special safety precautions everywhere in the hotel and on the hotel area.

Nevertheless, given the variety of new measures that we implement with full responsibility, it also requires personal responsibility & common sense for us to succeed together.


Like everywhere else in our new everyday life, rules now also apply on holiday for the safety of all of us. These include distance rules and increased hygiene measures in front of and behind the scenes.
Our spacious hotel grounds and the extensive premises offer a lot of space, freedom and therefore safety.
We take great care to ensure that the safety distance is maintained by everyone. There are disinfection facilities throughout the hotel and our staff wear a mouth and nose protector or face shield to protect you.                                                                                                                                         In the public areas of our hotel it is also obligatory for you to wear a mouth and nose protector.
Even in Fügen and the surrounding area there is no risk of stepping on your feet. Many hikes can be started directly from the hotel and if you would like to hike somewhere else, we will be happy to give you tips. In our mountains you can enjoy the wonderful nature and your well-deserved freedom without any restrictions!
We would be pleased if you would give us your trust even in these turbulent times!



When entering the hotel, we ask you to put on your mouth and nose protection you have brought with you and to disinfect your hands at the available disinfection stand.

In order to shorten waiting times, we also ask our guests to inform us of their check-in details by e-mail or via your private service area before arrival. Each guest will receive the information personally in advance with our "Gute Fahrt" e-mail.
Should there be any short waiting times, a minimum distance of one meter to the other guests must be maintained. At the reception desk there is a plexiglass panel between you and our staff.
At check-in you will receive your freshly disinfected room cards from our receptionists.


Wellness and spa area

On the way from your room to the wellness area we ask you to wear a mouth and nose protector, which you may of course take off again in the wellness area.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Our generous wellness area with 4200m² offers a lot of space and free space and is open under observance of the minimum distance and the maximum permitted number of persons as well as the hygiene measures.
In the relaxation rooms the loungers are placed in such a way that the distance of 1m is kept.
All smaller saunas and steam baths may be used by one person or by persons accommodated in a shared room. This means that you as a single traveller, a couple, family or guests sharing a room use the saunas with a great deal of privacy. The larger saunas may also be used by separate persons, but the minimum distance must be maintained. At least 4 m² must be available for one person. Unfortunately there will be no infusions for the time being.
On our large outdoor area, with sunbathing lawn and bio swimming pond, the loungers are placed in such a way that you have not only the minimum distance to your neighbour but also even more free space and privacy.
You may use our various pools as normal, provided you keep a distance of one meter. Various additives keep the water clean throughout.
You can enjoy our massage and cosmetic services as usual, in compliance with the new hygiene and safety regulations.

Massage and cosmetic treatments

You can enjoy our massage and cosmetic services as usual, in compliance with the new hygiene and safety regulations.

When entering our Shan-Shui area we kindly ask you to wear a mouth-and-nose protection. If the treatment takes place lying on your stomach, this may of course be removed as soon as you have reached the lying position. It should only be put on again when you stand up.

During facial treatments, our employees wear a mouth-nose protector and a visor. The same of course also applies to treatments that take place lying on your back. For such treatments we ask our guests to also wear a mouth-nose protector.


Of course, we would like to continue to offer you the usual Held standard with our 3/4 pampering board, while adhering to the new measures. But we ask you to wear a mouth and nose protector on your way to the restaurant. You may take it off again after you have taken your seat at your table.
You can enjoy our rich breakfast buffet in full variety, it was only partially adapted by us to meet the hygiene measures. Nothing will change in the scope of our exclusive 6-course evening menu, all courses, except the salad and cheese buffet, will be served at your table.
The tables in the dining room are staffed in such a way that the minimum distance to your neighbouring table is maintained. Also on our spacious terrace there is enough space to keep the distance.
If you wish, we offer you to have breakfast and dinner in your room (at extra charge).

Room cleaning

The daily room cleaning was adapted to the new standards and developed together with our hygiene partner. Our chambermaids work with cleaning agents containing disinfectants. Laundry is also specially cleaned.
You will also find disinfectant dispensers everywhere in the hotel.
After departure, the rooms are again thoroughly disinfected and prepared for the new guests.


The activity programme takes place in small groups, observing the minimum distance and the maximum number of people allowed as well as the official requirements.
All sports equipment is regularly disinfected.
On the guided hikes we ask you to drive to the starting point in your own car. Afterwards, the hike is possible without any restrictions, provided that the distance is observed.

Here you will also find once again all safety precautions and measures that are taken in the Zillertal ski areas.

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