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wellbeing & relaxation

Relaxation and Beauty

Genuine relaxation needs activity alongside moments of peace and rest.

Sometimes a panoramic view, a good book, and the scents of corn flowers are enough to calm us down. At other times a round of golf followed by an Ayurveda massage helps us to unwind. Or a refreshing bath in our swimming pond. Then there are moments when our hearts skip a beat because we are the first to ski down a double-diamond slope. And others when all we need is to see snowflakes dive into the outdoor pool. Activating and relaxing. Peaceful and energetic. Inside and outside. Summer and winter. Early in the morning and under the starry sky. We know that genuine relaxation needs mountain summits and sauna sessions.

This is why we have designed a spa resort in which the energy of our mountains can enter your core. Swimming pond and sun beds. Heated outdoor pool. 35°C (90 F) Outdoor-Jacuzzi. Indoor pool with counter flow unit and  waterfalls. Steambath. Salt Steam.  Swiss Pine Sauna. Herbal Sauna. Panorama Sauna. Relaxation rooms. Massages. Baths. Beauty treatments. This is genuine relaxation.

Renew your mind, body, and spirit in the Hotel Held - 4* superior spa resort.

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