Beauty Hair Care & Bath

Our Hair SPA-Treatment in overview

The Hair-SPA Treatment 
  • cleansing with an allround brush
  • intensive hair conditioner
  • exclusive Marlies Möller Scalp Massage
  • gentle Scalp Peeling
  • relaxing hair bath
  • scalp conditioner
  • vitalising mineral water conditioner
  • special treatment for your hair
45 min53,-
The Hair-SPA Treatment light 
  • cleansing of hair
  • soft Peeling
  • nourishing conditioner
  • nourishing Hair Treatment
  • Invigorating mineral water flushing
  • Specialtreatment for hair
35 min43,-
Hair-SPA for men 
  • hair wash using Marlies Möller shampoos
  • gentle scalp peeling
  • gentle scalp conditioner
  • relaxing scalp massage
  • vitalizing mineral water conditioner
  • special treatment for short hair
  • styling
35 min43,-
Blow Dries & Styling
Blow Dries for Short Hair20,-
Blow Dries for Medium-Long Hair23,-
Blow Dries for Long Hair33,-
Wash, Hair Care, Dry Short Hair28,-
Wash, Hair Care, Dry Medium-Long Hair38,-
Wash, Hair Care, Dry Long Hair48,-

Our bath in overview

In unserem Single Bad
Stone Pine bath24,-
Herbal medicinal bath24,-
Bath of lemon balm24,-
Goat Milk bath24,-
Basic detox bath30,-
Stone Oil bath24,-
Beer bath30,-
 Bath for two
Rose-Petal Bath45,-

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