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Juvena returns the skin, which has taken the time to her. The amazing effect of our care lines lies in the simplicity of a principle: Choosing the right drug at the right time. As a Swiss company with high quality standards, they are committed to innovation. Juvena of Switzerland - the name is more than a brand, it is a guarantee of your beauty.


Phytomer uses natural concentrates from seawater, seaweed and mineral-rich sea mud to combat cosmetic problems efficiently. The unique base of all treatments is the patented "Reflex Other times" method. The organ reflex zones are stimulated with self-heating sea mud. This exclusive method promotes relaxation and optimizes the effectiveness of marine ingredients.

Marlies Möller - beauty haircare

In this unique skincare range by Marlies Möller's precious natural products Pashmina, sea silk and silk were connected to a complex of active ingredients pure luxury visible in your hair and makes palpable. With this new method, we not only pamper your hair, but your scalp. You then have the opportunity to be to style and style in our Sport & Wellness Hotel Held.

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