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E&M Vital

Finding our way back to balance is an important part of our well-being. Often life gets us out of balance in such a way that we need support. The E&M Vital basic concept specifically supports this internal balance, which is so important for well-being, an promotes holistic well-being in harmony with the achievement of a sustainable quality of life.


Phytomer uses natural concentrates from seawater, seaweed and mineral-rich sea mud to combat cosmetic problems efficiently. The unique base of all treatments is the patented "Reflex Other times" method. The organ reflex zones are stimulated with self-heating sea mud. This exclusive method promotes relaxation and optimizes the effectiveness of marine ingredients.


For about 50 years, Haslauer and its brand "Kurland" have been synonymous with an extensive range of natural products. From tried-and-tested bogs and valuable oils to perfectly skin-matches cosmetic lines and care products. Kurland acts according to the principle "Mother Earth is not only a perfect guide, she also has a long and valuable list of treasures ready for us".

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