Sports and the Outdoors

Mountains might seem like they are sublime features that are unchangable. But anybody who has spent a day admist the Tyrolean mountains will know that the core features of our alpine world are motion and transition. This becomes apparent during a run along the river Ziller, a walk up to the ‘Haselbach’ waterfall, and during a downhill mountain bike ride when no stone is left unturned. Our mountain landscape is alive and we cannot think of anything better than to be active in it. This is why we have put together a sports and outdoor programme that reaches from snowshoeing to full-on mountaineering. In addition, we offer four yoga sessions each week. (some for an additional fee).

Our mountains world is alive! And there is nothing better than being active in it.

Family Held

Snowfall or sunshine, summer or winter vacation, our personal coach offers a sports programme that ranges from individual training units to guided walks into the depth of the Tyrolean woods. This does not stop Anni Held from taking fit guests onto guided hikes into the high alpine. The power of our mountains and the pride of having made it lasts. And memories are made.

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