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For us the mark ‘superior’ that flags our extras beyond the 4-star standard is more than a rating of the hotel industry. It is more than a committment to excellence and more than an indication for an upward movement.

We are convinced that at the first instance excellence is about depth rather than height. We know that true pleasure and true relaxation is felt deep inside and that our own development towards high-class hospitality was only possible because we gradually grew as a family business.

Relaxation and pleasure run deep in our 4-star-superior hotel because three generations have been eager to maintain what is best and to develop it in such a way that it meets state-of-the-art travel expectations. For us well-being and relaxation mean a responsibility for family, for sustainability, and for a liveable future in the Zillertal Alps.

Our HELD Philosophy: We want to inspire you and by doing so be inspired ourselves.

Family Held



The story of first-class Held hospitality begins in the same way as all good stories start: with two people finding each other and building something together that sustains and brings pleasure to those around them.

Specifically, our story begins with Paula, a farm girl, and Hans, a policeman. Hans and Paula soon realised that their heart does not only beat for one another but also for the beauty of theZillertal Alps and for high-standard hospitality. After they had accomodated guests in their private home for many years, they expanded and became a guesthouse that could offer showers and running water - a luxury at the time.

But Hans and Paula did not stop there and laid the foundation for today’s hotel in 1973 in order to make their guests’ holidays in the Zillertal even more comfortable and enjoyable. Their son Gerhard grew up in this spirit of hospitality and entrepreneurship, became a chef, and soon learned how to run a hotel from his father.

Gerhard and Anni have continued to spin Hans and Paula's hotelier family story, constantly investing in their home to combine the best of tradition and modernity and to constantly surprise their guests. Meanwhile, they have started a family of their own and passed on their sense of Tyrolean hospitality to their daughters Lisa and Patricia, the third generation. Patricia decided on an apprenticeship as a hotel and hospitality assistant, Lisa attended the tourism school in Zell, later studied in Innsbruck and today, together with her husband Andreas, is an important part of the hotel management of Hotel Held in the Zillertal. In the meantime, Paula & Rosa, the daughters of Lisa and Luisa & Felix, the children of Patricia, are already the fourth generation in the family. The four little ones are the sunshines in the hotel and enchant the staff as well as the guests.

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