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Excursions in your holiday in Zillertal

The Eastern Alps are not only shaped by its spectacular natural forces but also by those who have made this place their home. The traces for human presence are manifold and can be discovered from the perspective of history, technology, entertainment, economy, culture, and pure pleasure.


Whether you are looking for international, Austrian, or Tyrolean labels. Whether you want to stroll through hidden alleys or dive into the hub of a mall. Whether you prefer a metropolis over a village square. The shopping towns of Tyrol - Innsbruck, Wörgl, Schwaz, or even in our very own village of Fügen - offer plently of great spots to go shopping and souvenir hunting.

  • Fügen
  • Schwaz
  • Wörgl
  • Innsbruck

Historical places

Innsbruck is “olympic” not only because it hosted the Olympic Winter Games twice but also because of the role it played in European politics. The Habsburgian dynasty ruled in Innsbruck with an independent court for decades and shaped the town considerably which makes it possible for us to walk in the air of empire five-hundred years after its heyday. Another imperial town and one that is enchanted by Mozart’s serenades, Salzburg, is only a two-hours drive away.

  • Innsbruck
  • Rattenberg
  • Kufstein
  • Salzburg

Things worth seeing

It goes without saying that the region fo Tyrol is one that holds many treasures. Some of our most precious ones are the highest water falls in Europe, the ‘Krimmler Wasserfälle’, and the ‘Swarovski Crystal Worlds’ in Wattens. Both continue to make us marvel. Again and again.

Excursions with kids

Have you ever heard wolves howling, bears playing, marmots whistling? Or have you ever seen cowboys riding, planets moving, elves dancing? Our mountains are full of surprises and ready to be explored: in the Alpine Zoo (Alpenzoo Innsbruck), in Marmot Land (Murmelland), in Western Village (Westernpark Aufenfeld), in Elmis Magicworld (Elmis Zauberwelt), in the Planetarium, in Pillerseetal, at Happy Hopp, or in the climbing park.

  • Marmot Land
  • Alpine Zoo
  • Western Village Aufenfeld
  • Happy Hopp
  • Pillerseetal
  • Elmis Magicworld
  • Hexenwasser
  • Climbing Park
  • Planetarium


With Hotel Held as your home base you can gain insight into the rich traditions of mountain culture and technology easily with just a stroll or a short drive: dive into cheese culture in the Alpine dairy in Fügen, and learn how baconis smoked traditionally in the ‘Zillertaler Speckstube’. Walk through the compelling outdoor farmhouse museum in Kramsach and be amazed by the many ways in which timber is processed in the Feuerwerk Fügen. Visit the near-by distillery and see how fruit is turned into schnaps: ‘Cheers’ to holidays in Tyrol!

  •  Alpine Dairy
  • Speckstube
  • Distillery
  • Feuerwerk - Timber Factory
  • Outdoor Farmhouse Museum


Mountain culture is manifold. It can refer to traditional life in the mountains or to current cultural expressions of alpine life. Both, the view to the past and an active engagement with the present are important for us as locals and for you as our guests. The “Heimatmuseum” in Fügen tells stories of our village’s past and its role in mining while a theatre festival, ‘the Steudltenn’, brings actors from Vienna, Tyrol, and the Zillertal together in an old farm house and opens spaces for cultural interactions. When we see these performances under creaking wood beams we feel that this is a treasure even more valueable than all the gold and silver that was brought to light during the mining history of our region.

  • Heimatmuseum Fügen
  • Steudltenn
  • Culture Festival "Stummer Schrei" in Stumm (Performances June to August)
  • Outdoor Farmhouse Museum
  • Mining Museum Spieljoch
  • Silver Mine Schwaz
  • Gold Mine Zell i. Z.

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