We care about our environment

Sustainability in Hotel Held

Environmental awareness and sustainability is a very important issue for us.

The great and unique nature in which we are allowed to live is very close to our hearts. Therefore it is very important to us that it remains beautiful for a long time.
We are convinced that everyone can contribute something to the preservation of the environment and so we have also thought about how we can run our hotel in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Energy supply

We dispense with fossil fuels and high emission energy supply. Because we as a hotel business bear a special responsibility, as a hotel needs much more energy than the multiplied number of guests at home would need.


Our large photovoltaic system enables us to produce the electricity we need daily ourselves.

District Heating

We are connected to the biomass heating plant of the company Binderholz, which uses exclusively natural wood fuels. The energy is transported to us in the form of hot water via the heat-insulated pipe network. In a transfer station, the incoming water is heated by the house heating system and the service water. When the water is cooled down by the heat release, it flows back to the heating plant.

further environmentally friendly measures

Groundwater pump

For flushing our toilets or watering our garden, we use groundwater to avoid wasting clean drinking water.

Waste prevention

In order to avoid unnecessary waste, we source our food in bulk packages and largely dispense with PVC packaging at our breakfast buffet. When shopping, we pay attention to seasonal food from the region.

Air conditioning

Our air conditioning systems have the highest energy efficiency class. The system is geared towards renewable energies and energy-saving technologies. Thanks to the built-in inverter technology, the energy used is adapted to the actual demand. Once the set temperature is reached, the inverter ensures that this temperature is maintained at a constant level. The inverter monitors the room temperature and adjusts it only when necessary, reducing energy consumption by 30% compared to traditional on/off systems.

E-charging station

For electric cars we offer charging stations in our underground car park, the fee depends on the daily rate (kWh)

Electric bus

We also drive electrically and are therefore CO2-neutral. All our trips are done with our electric bus. We pick up our guests from the train station, bring them back again and take care of the ski shuttle in winter. We also drive to the starting points of the guided hikes in our electric bus.


As a Tyrolean company we strive to use local products that are as healthy as possible in order to offer our guests the best quality and to strengthen the Tyrolean economy. We also obtain our herbs from our own herb garden.

Furthermore, all our rooms are furnished with local solid wood, which was processed by regional companies.


A hotel has a lot of laundry to do. This naturally has an impact on the water and the environment. That is why we only do the laundry when our guests signal that they wish to do so by putting terry towels on the floor. Hanging towels are still used.

Rail travel is rewarded by us

All guests who travel to the Zillertal by train will receive a wellness voucher worth Euro 0.1 per person per kilometer travelled.

For example, for a journey of 500 km you will receive a wellness voucher worth Euro 50.00 per person. We pick up our guests from Jenbach and Fügen train station free of charge.


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