Action - not too little of that


A vacation in Tyrol and a vaction at Hotel Held is intrinsically adventurous.

Action fans will be satisfied in our region

Those who are looking for the ultimate thrill will be thouroughly satisfied during hang-gliding, paragliding, white-water rafting, and canyoning, as well as on a high ropes course


Paragliding was invented by passionate mountaineers who did not want to walk down to the valley after their climbs but wanted to remain in elevation for as long as possible. Follow into their footsteps and experience the beauty of the Zillertal from a bird’s eye view.

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Fly to altitudes of 3,000 ft or higher with a certified instructor from one of the Zillertal flight parks. The views of our mountain ranges and the surrounding areas are breathtanking from these altitudes. Once up in the air, the only sounds are from you, the instructor and the wind flowing around you. These elements, combined with speedy dives and turns, are sure to make tandem hang gliding the most exciting and memorable experience of your stay in the Zillertal.

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White-Water Rafting

Soaking waves and wild splashes - on the Ziller and Gerlosbach you’ll experience world-class white water, spectacular alpine scenery, and memories to last a life-time in the unparalleled beauty of the Austrian Alps.

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A mountain vacation is generally associated with great heights. The equally magnificent depths of alpine caves and canyons are wrongly disregarded. Take your mountain vacation to deeper levels as you explore the underground caverns and open canyons in the Zillertal and see places that only few travellers have cared to see.

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High ropes course & Ziplining

The four high ropes parks in the Zillertal offer high rope challenges for adventurers. More than 100 platforms are installed in the trees and rocks and are connected by various configurations of cable, wood, and rope to form bridges and zip lines.

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