Looking Good


Classic Facial MassageCleansing, massage, day care25 min40,-
Anti Stress FacialCleansing, Peeling, tweeze eyebrows, massage, face mask and day care60 min76,-
Intensive Facial Treatment

Cleansing, Peeling, tweeze eyebrows, steaming with vapozon, ampulla, 
massage, face mask and day care

80 min
90 min


"Boy, Oh Boy" FacialCleansing, Peeling, massage, face mask and day care60 min76,-
Pampering Facial treatmentCleansing, Peeling, face acupressure, massage, steaming with vapozon, 
tweeze eyebrows, ampulla, massage, face mask, Hand massage and day care
90 min106,-
"All inclusive" Cosmetic  TreatmentCleaning, Peeling, steaming with vapozon, tweeze eyebrows, tint lashes and eyebrows,
ampulla, massage, face mask, paraffin-handbath and day care
105 min122,- 
Manual MicrodermabrasionHighly effective, gentle dermabrasion of the Skin for the effective Treatment of all kinds of
Skin Problems. The top layers of Skin are renewed, the new Formation of vessels
is stimulated. The Skin takes on a fresher, younger appearance, scars and Pigmentation marks are removed or considerably
toned down.
80 min108,-
3D Wrinkle treatment

The new Vie Collection, inspired by the Beauty medicine. In this Special Treatment, developed
by the Beauty medic. Dr. Laurence Richien, your Skin is treated inimitable and effective with Botox similarly peptides and hyaluronan.
Spectacular results beginning at the first Treatment.

After the Manual microdermabrasion Zone by Zone is treated with Special Serums
and a Lifting mask. For the Relaxing of facial Expression, wrinkle reduction, tightening & shaping of the facial outline.

105 min118,-
Retinopur treatmentSpecial anti aging treatment for impure skin.105 min118,-
Phytomer Acne TreatmentCleansing, exfoliation
by a self-heating sea mud, if still necessary
dampen with Vapozon, intensive cleansing,
Pluck eyebrows, mask and day care
75 min88,-
Phytomer Anti-Aging Facial-TreatmentWrinkles will be reduct and massage for cell Regeneration, cleansing, Peeling, firming Serum,
face mask and day care.
70 min88,-

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Information for our guests

Dear guests,

on June 11 we finally open our doors again! The long time of waiting, of course, we have made the best use and so you can expect again many new highlights with us - see for yourself!

Our goal is that you feel comfortable with us, enjoy the time and experience the mountains. Therefore we guarantee you a carefree vacation with the highest hygienic standards as well as our generous cancellation possibilities.

We want you to be able to plan your sommer vacation without any worries and we guarantee you a free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival for bookings for the summer season (until 02.11.)

If one of the following cases occurs, we will cancel your booking free of charge till 48 hours before arrival (valid for reservations until November 2021).

  • a travel warning for the province of Tyrol
  • You yourself are COVID-19 positive (presentation of a positive test result is required)
  • You have to go to an officially ordered quarantine (presentation of a notification)
  • the district of Schwaz is set to red at the Corona traffic light

Otherwise, the cancellation conditions listed here apply.


We are looking forward to meeting you!

Family Held & Team