Feel your body


Partial MassageBack or Feet
Special: 3 Partial Massages per Person for 103,- (Must be booked as package)
25 min40,-
Vital-MassageBack and feet40 min60,-
Full body massage 50 min69,-

Full body massage 
with energy point facial massage

 75 min94,-
Elementmassage(Fire, Air, Water, Earth)
Footbath with sea salt, full body massage with special oils
60 min78,-
Footbath with Footmassage 30 min43,-
Foot Reflexology and Partial Massage 50 min66,-

Foot Reflexology 
and Vitalising Footbath

Foot Reflexology is often seen as a Cousin of acupuntre. It involves
pressing Reflex Areas on the feet. These Areas correspond to organs and Systems of the Body. 
Foot Reflexology 
cleanses the mind and Body and revitalizes energy. A common theory of reflexology holds that 
massaging certain Areas of the feet 
restores health by breaking up and dispersing "crystals".

45 min


Back Massage DeLuxe with warming
sea mud pack and oil skin tonic
Intensive back Treatment where a warming sea mud pack gets applied for 10 minutes. 
Because of the Relaxation of the muscles and the circulation stimulating effect, 
your musculature gets perfectly prepared for the massage.
50 min79,-
Ear Candles Treatment 30 min37,-
Meridian Facial MassagePressure Points on the face are gently massaged during this Treatment. 
This has a stimulising effect on theequivalent organs.

25 min


Hot Stone Therapy

Partial Hot Stone Therapy

The natural energy of the hot Stones stimulates your circulation, 
the lymphatic flow of your Body, and the elasticity of your muscles.

70 min

35 min



Phytomer warming Sea Mud Pack 
for the back

As Single-treatment
combined with an other treatment

The self-warming sea mud pack for the back is exclusive to Phytomer. 
The sea mud heated by itself at 42 ° C, bubbling and actively contributes to relaxation. 
This part body wrap can be booked to and before each treatment and acts: 
muscle relaxant - detoxing - promotes blood circulation - draining - stimulating the reflex zones

15 min22,-
Detox treatment
from head to toe
Detox means to detoxify. At the present time our body is often acidified. This leads to bad mood, water retention,
tiredness and headache. Treat yourself to a little break and feel how your body regains more vitality.
- basic body peeling
- detoxifying mud pack for the face
- basic bath (we will serve you a cup of basic herbal tea)
- finish with a special alkaline body and facial care your detox treatment
75 min85,-

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